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How To: Use SEO to Get Traffic to Your Blog


Search engine optimization or SEO in short has a mysterious aura attached to it. Either you are a SEO practitioner and you what it is, to various degrees of understanding, or you are not, in which case SEO is mostly so type of underground knowledge. But it is does not have to be so and SEO is not so hard once you study its main concepts and techniques.   

Understanding correct SEO is crucial for increasing the traffic and brand awareness of your blog. Right at this very moment, someone is searching for a piece of content that is similar to one of your blog posts. But without SEO work, the contents of your website, no matter how well written they are, will go unnoticed. 

Staying updated about the top SEO tactics takes research and experimentation.

Because Google’s algorithms get constantly improved, it is also important to stay tuned to the latest trends and updates. 

With these in mind, you can become your own SEO expert and drive traffic to your website. Below are some simple SEO techniques that you can implement right away to increase the traffic to your website.

1. Keywords Research / Easy Rankable Keywords

If you are writing an article, it will have an audience. If you are writing something to make something better in someone’s life or to make something easier or to solve a problem, means you have a target audience who does look for a solution or a better way, which you are now writing. It means if your target audience does look for a solution on the internet, they must use some “keywords” to start searching, right? Well, that’t the trick.

1. Do an overall keyword research on t he topic you’re writing
2. Pick up some low competitive keyword
3. Optimize those or that keyword in your article . That’s all

If you have understood what I just explained, you would have now that smile on your face or that “I get the trick” type of feeling.

2. Consistently Create Quality Content

If you can write your own quality content then this is perfect as a start. Or you can also hire good writers, but you have to make sure your content is interesting and valuable to readers. Publishing spammy gibberish articles with bad English and poor grammar is not the way to build readership.

On the other hand relevant informative on-topic quality content will naturally attract backlinks, social media shares, real readers and loyal subscribers. This is good for both SEO and user experience, which goes hand in hand. Google’ AI is sophisticated enough to differentiate between poor and high level content, and they will always reward quality content versus low quality content. 

Good content may attract more readers but excellent articles will make you stand out from your competitors. Do not write a blog posts just for the sake of publishing something. Write quality and useful resources that will stand out from the crowd. More than one very popular website have been built on the strength of their content rather than their backlinks, but it takes time and effort of course.

Don’t forget to add pictures, infographics or videos to make your content  look even more attractive, informative and interesting. In our modern age people do not like to read long pieces of test, that’s why inserting other more graphical medium of information like memes will keep them on your page. Online competition is getting tougher, so producing top notch engaging articles is one of the best ways to succeed on the Web.

3. Create Powerful Internal Links

One of the easiest ways to create powerful backlinks is by linking new articles to your already existing posts. By linking to relevant posts that you have written and published before, you can build quality links and use the anchor texts that you prefer. These links are valuable and it will keep your readers more engaged in your website if they choose to click one.

Think of a website like wikipedia which is full of internal links and do the same. Likewise make sure that all your content contains links to other articles on your site that are related to that content. This will increase the power of your website without too much effort.

4. Clean Your Old Posts

For many years, backlinking has been an essential element of search engine optimization. Although you could still get traffic even without links, you will never be able to compete with authority sites in your industry if you do not build quality backlinks. 

To gain more organic traffic, you need to be serious about your backlinks – including those that already exist in your older blog posts. Since you are now more knowledgeable on how to market your website, you can start cleaning up the mess you have made before you knew how to use SEO. 

SEO is not about the number of links you have, but rather the quality of links you present in your post. To get good results and increase organic traffic, go back to your old posts and identify the best links you can keep and the bad ones you need to remove. Here are the important characteristics of a good backlink

  • Contextual links are great for driving traffic
  • Link from a long and comprehensive article carry a lot of SEO value
  • Link is from a website with a good domain authority
  • Dofollow links are important for organic traffic growth (especially dofollow links to author websites)
  • The backlink was added by the editor and was not automatically built
  • The link is from a relevant website in your industry

If the backlinks are spammy, unnatural and irrelevant, remove these to help boost your traffic. You can use the disavow tool in google’s console to discard backlinks that could be detrimental to your SEO.

5. Become A Guest Blogger On Reputable Sites

One of the best ways for promoting your website is to become a guest blogger on a popular website within a niche similar to yours. This is a tactic where you can get your website in front of an established community that can potentially become your customers or readers as well. 

Another benefit of guest blogging is that you can get backlinks from their website and this will positively impact on your SEO. You just need to make sure that you refrain guest blogging from low-quality websites as this might have a negative impact instead. Therefore, you must be selective when choosing an industry website where you can submit your articles on. 

Unless you have allotted a budget for an advertising campaign to promote your blog, it will take months before your website or blog establishes its own strong readership. For some bloggers, it may even take years. So don’t be alarmed if it is taking longer than expected. 

Stay patient and focus your energy on delivering quality content that your readers will love scanning. Use the tips listed above so that your blog progressively improves its SEO profile and traffic.

Technology is one of my greatest crush and has always been. Blogging is my hobby with the aim to share knowledge on technology..How things are done & works . I believe that technology has gone further level than we are now and It’s time we get ourselves updated and Contribute a little bit of ours to the ever-growing World.


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