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Top 10 Things to Do On Your Family’s Computer When You Go Home for the Holidays


If you’re the one everyone asks about when they face any problem in their mobile or pc. When you are the only tech literate in the family. Some asks about how would they get a free app for call recording, updating their mobile, desktop or laptop and some will ask for Speeding up their Mobile devices, for little cleaning up the device.


10. Update Your Operating System, Windows / Mac:

Unless you think that you will get a lot of time to hang around with friends & relax. There might have been a lot of updates & patches came while you’re off. You can put the Operating system to download all the updates & patches. Check out all the available Windows updates or hit up the Mac App Store to check the updates.
Put all the updates to download & install & set it automatic so that it keeps doing its work while you spend some quality time with your family or friends.

9.Install or verify & update if they have Virus Protection and Anti-Malware

Specially in home computer it is very much needed to have all these precautions & when there is none who can identify such threats if there’s been any virus infection in the computer , it can turn real bad. So, make sure you install a trusted antivirus. Or if it is present & installed in the computer then make sure it is running smooth & healthy, updates & at last run a overall system scan.

8.Update Browser & its Exensions / Software Applications:

All the web browsers releases frequent updates as they find out any bug or any vulnerability in their applications and If you do not update it, you might become the next victim or miss out a very good feature that your browser has just released. Doesn’t matter if it is Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or Brave. Frequently updating your browser even gives you a better & smoother browsing experience.

7.Uninstall All the unnecessary Softwares / Tools:

Doesn’t matter if it’s Windows, Machistosh or Linux, keeping useless or softwares that are not in use anymore will only slower the speed of any computer. Remove those all and give your home back a faster, smoother & better Computer.

You can use http://www.decrap.org/ to decrap your mahcine. This tool will pull out all the useless tools that someone installed once for any reason and all the useless softwares that your manufacturer had installed while you bought the computer.
Then get Revo Uninstaller for Windows or AppCleanner for Machistosh & that way you can get rid of all the files & sofwares that your family doesn’t use. Anyway, they might not notice all these craps are gone but definately they will notice a certain speed up.

6.Automate Everything that You Can:

Go back through their favorite apps, settings & other tools and automate everything so that no further human interactions needed. Set the OS updates to Automatic. Configure all of your family member’s favorite applications to automatically download updates and security patches then install them the next time the app opens.

If there is anything can be automated, do it.

5.Give them Some usefull Tricks & Tips, Some DIY Resources

I know there are people who has no interest of learning small tricks to solve their own problems because they will just depend on a guy like you. They know you’ve got their back, so they don’t care learning few tricks for their own good.

But there are people who is interested learning small tech tricks & tips. Show them how can they solve their own problems, give them a list of links from where they can get specific tools & guidelines to solve different problems/errors. Refer them to different tech blogs, refer them to here Teknoverse, one of the useful tech blog. They will really be grateful & you will be released from their Tech Issues. 🙂

4.Back Up All the Important Files and Set up automated Regular Backup

Every hard drive fails, it’s just a matter of when—and that’s why everyone needs good, robust backups to make sure they don’t lose precious, irreplaceable data. Lot of people has lost enormous amount of data, it really sucks, believe me.

I lost 2 terabytes of my data, all the images, games, document files, projects, movies, TV series had gone. All these files were filtered files that I had been maintaining from past 8 years. So, It is really important to keep your data backed up, at least the critical files one must backup.

There are good number of tools available out there, just read some articles to decide which one will be good for you.

3.Setup a Remote Control PC Management tool

When it comes to being the tech support guy, it’s always best to use Interviewer. It becomes way much more easier than trying to fix it through snapshots, voice calls or video calls.

2.Setup a Password Manager

This is one of the hugely faced problems around the world. Before there wasn’t much option for us to save all the passwords in a single app then use it whenever needed.
I personally use LassPass, it saves all your password on cloud & let you access it automatically when you open the login page, really helps. I do not change my password so frequently as I used to do before, after I started using the app.

So, just setup LassPass or any alternative app & tell them to save it whenever hey sign up for any website or anywhere.

1.Get out of Doing the Same in Future

So, the final step is to keep it all running without you. If you don’t enjoy it (and some people do!) sometimes it’s better to just save everyone the frustration and give your loved ones some more options to help themselves, or get help somewhere else without having to call you to come to the rescue.



Technology is one of my greatest crush and has always been. Blogging is my hobby with the aim to share knowledge on technology..How things are done & works . I believe that technology has gone further level than we are now and It’s time we get ourselves updated and Contribute a little bit of ours to the ever-growing World.


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