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Denying the importance of big data in the modern world is impossible. However, defining it can be just as difficult, especially for those who do not have experience in working with it. Broken down to its base parts, though, big data is no bigger – or more frightening – than any other aspect of modern technology today’s workers encounter in their daily lives.

Every business and corporate entity defines big data differently, and that has an obvious influence on how it affects that company individually. However, a good overall definition is like the one paraphrased here from Forbes:

“Big data is any group or collection of data from either or both traditional and digital sources, both inside and outside of your company. It represents a source for ongoing analysis and discovery of new marketing or improvement methods and provides feedback of past and present methods.”

big data

What does it mean to work in or with big data? What are the roles in highest demand in the field, what responsibilities do these careers entail and what skills do you need to land one of these jobs? Let’s examine the field more closely, and answer these important questions for anyone interested in a career in big data.

The Skills to Pay the Bills

Big data certification is all about learning the ropes and understanding the role big data plays in both the grand scheme of business development, as well as in the overall plans of the companies you would like to work for. What big data means to a company in the medical field will be different than what it means to a manufacturer of luxury consumer goods. Understanding this is part of choosing where and how to get your certification, as different programs will be geared toward different end goals and needs.

Important in obtaining the certification you need for becoming a big data professional is taking a Hadoop course. Hadoop is a set of open-source programming – with a few exceptions – that is used across the board as a backbone for big data analysis. Understanding how Hadoop works and how to make it work for you and your potential employer is a big part of having the skill needed to land a great job in the world of big data.

Getting your big data certification is easy in the digital world of today. Many business certification providers operate online to provide students the opportunity to get the education they need to begin new careers without having to leave their current ones.

The Jobs You’ll Want – and What Employers Want from You

Once you have your big data certification under your belt, it’s time to move ahead with finding that job you’ve always wanted. So, what are the best career paths to take in this industry? Here are the top seven, as well as what will be expected of you, should you land one:

Hadoop Developer –

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A program writer and coder, this person must have a fair understanding of both Hadoop itself as well as coding and programming. This type of career is in increasing demand, and courses offering education in coding are popping up all over the internet is order to meet this growing need.

Hadoop Architect –

The architect is well-named, as this is the person responsible for building the company’s database as the employees who interact with it come to know it Taking the raw materials provided by the Hadoop programming and making them into something that is uniquely suited to the company’s needs is the job of this team member.

Hadoop Administrator –

big data skills

The Hadoop administrator is a bit like a staff supervisor. This person is typically in charge of the others working in the database.

Hadoop Tester –

big data skills

This team member has the primary goal of finding bugs or problems in the company’s Hadoop database and repairing them to make things run more smoothly. It is important for this professional to have a strong working knowledge of Hadoop in order to identify when things are amiss.

Hadoop Analyst –

The analyst is the team member in charge of actually analyzing raw data and turning into workable output that can be used to make solutions for marketing, production, consumer interaction and more.

Database Manager –

The database manager is simply the person or group in charge of a company’s data analysis, and who oversees the data scientists or other members of the analysis team.

Data Engineer –

A data engineer acts as a go-between for those who process and analyze data and the companies that commission them to do this work. Typically speaking and acting on behalf of data scientists, these professionals are the front line in the world of both corporate relations and negotiation.

As you’ll undoubtedly notice, Hadoop-based careers take up a majority of this list. This goes back to the importance of taking a Hadoop course. If you want to work in big data, taking a course in Hadoop is crucial to your success. Learn to navigate and use it properly, and there is little that the big world of big data could throw at you that you couldn’t readily handle!

Don’t fear big data – embrace it and its many opportunities. You may just find yourself happily employed working with this once-frightening concept before you know it!

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