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Marvel Future Fight Cheats, Tricks & Quick Hacks [ Updated ]


New players always think what should I do ? Which character should I get 6* fast? What comic card do I use? Confusion with the Iso sets, which character would be Stronger and Best. And etc etc . So this future fight beginner guide gets you all the answers that you’ve been looking for.
Ok guys chill I’m helping you to improve….

Are you new to the fun action RPG Marvel Future Fight by NetMarble? Do you want to have a good start but want a good beginner’s guide to help you get started on the way? Look no further as this is the one and best beginner’s walkthrough to help you fully understand the basic of game mechanics, some best strategies, and ways to play the game.

future fight beginner guide


Here are a few goals to keep in mind as you go through your first month.

Get your first T2. You get a T2 ticket after logging in for 30 days. I would recommend:

  • Blast type:Sharon or Mantis
  • Spee type: Elsa, Rough(Xman)
  • Universal:Loky or Robbie
  • Combat type: Hulk(New Uni),Anti-Venom

Keep working on their gears to 20/20/20/20 in preparation for this (need ±360 bios for max gears).

Beat ‘Hard’ Villain Siege: Sharon is the best.

Beat Alliance Battle Daily.Your score should increase every day from week to week until you “beat it” for that day and have access to extreme alliance battle. You will need a strong Sharon, Loki, Iron Fist (w/uni), and Elsa (T2 and uni) or some other variation of blast, universal, combat, speed, female, and villain.

Beat World Bosses. Get fifteen 6* characters for 5 daily wins.you can only use a character in the main battle once. So you’ll eventually need 5 good teams which will likely have Sharon, Iron Fist(uni), Elsa, Loki, Anti-venom,Captain America(Marvel now),

Get five good 4* cards that all have skill cooldown and ignore defense. This will take a lot of time, but the earlier you work on this the better. You get cards from rifts.

Clear floors of Shadowland. You will need strong 6* characters. By strong I mean really fuckin strong. As motivation the 1st time clear rewards include rank up tickets and floors 5, 10, and 15 reward bio selectors.

Your two six star selectors (Day 1 and 7):

The long standing starter kit is Sharon Rogers and Loki. I still believe that Loki is the best option for selector 2, but you can read this pre X-men analysis/discussion and decide for yourself. Note that X-men cannot be obtained through 6 star selectors or bio selectors

Your three day trial of bio subscription:

I would recruit Enchantress, Agent Venom, and Kid Kaiju who are all still useful at T1. I would only use them on Carnage if you plan on paying for a bio subscription to T2 him (need 360+ bios to max gears). Ironheart and Hyperion are also “paywall”, but they aren’t as good.
One useful strategy (especially for free to play users) is to use all 3 days of bios (60 bios) on one pay-wall character to get them to 3*. Then you only need 4*, 5*, and 6* rank up tickets which conveniently are first time rewards on Shadowland floors 2, 4, and 6! You can get these in event boxes as well. I would not do this strategy on Carnage because he needs his T2 which can’t be accomplished without either a bio sub or a mega tier-2 ticket.

Hero’s Journey:

After you farm all the characters that are options in hero’s journey or reach shield level 11, I would highly recommend Sharon Roger.

Note: after your first “failed” mission you get to choose a character at 4*. I would highly recommend Iron Fist.

Comic Cards:

For beginners, I’d recommend not focusing on getting mythical (rank 6 cards) right away, but instead focus on getting really good rank 4 cards. Then build cards in your inventory.

These are the cards that you should focus on:

Loki: Ignore defense in 3, attack speed in 4 is optional, if you get a 3 star with ignore defense equip it, then work on the 4 star with def pen and attack speed

Marvel Zombie (#2): Ignore defense or energy attack in 4, since zombies requires either Heroic Rifts or a lucky chest draw you might just equip the first one you get, and then work on getting def pen/energy attack afterwards.

Star-lord (Yondu rift): Physical attack in 3, skill cooldown in 4

Baby Groot: Energy attack in 3, skill cooldown in 4

Nebula (Avengers): all attack in 3, skill cooldown in 4

(Punisher #19: skill cooldown in 4, optional Crit Damage in 3. Acquired in the same way as Zombies.)

ISO Sets:

Most important, don’t equip any fully awakened 6 star ISO 8 until you really, really know what you are doing. You get a bunch of these from various rewards early on, and at some point, you will want to equip 8 of them on one super meta character, but even if you equip them on your best character now, that might not be the best character when you are ready to do really hard content.

It is generally a waste to upgrade early, so I don’t bother. Higher ISO gives your iso set a better response, but you need 6 star awakened iso which is way too difficult and costly to get to really move the meter, so don’t spend money upgrading isos just use 4-6 star isos you get from other events. Also, if you do upgrade, don’t use 1 or 2 star isos as upgrade fodder. The cost (at least using the red growth isos) is the same whether you use 1, 2, 3, 4, etc star iso, so you will spend way more money upgrading if you use these low ISOs.

Initially healing iso sets will help you the most as you round out your skills (I Am Also Groot > Stark Backing). However, heal sets aren’t great in shadowlands, and in the long run, I find I want attack sets on virtually everyone (Power of Angry Hulk and OverDrive seem like the best, with Hawk’s eye being okay but redundant on skill cooldown in the longrun). It is probably best to put heal sets on your characters doing a lot of work initially as it will help you clear alliance battle and world bosses because the heal may trigger 4x in the fight. After your skills and cards and everything else improve, your fights are shorter and the attack sets help more. Heal sets are most valuable early on when fights are longer. When you get into more advanced game modes where DPS (damage per second) is the most important and the times are shorter, your heal doesn’t have enough time to proc, and the value you get from an attack set is much higher.


Uru are a huge resource sink-hole that become increasingly available to you from level 60-70. They can fill in the cracks of your character build after you have used up your gear options.


marvel future fight

Never buy uniforms unless they are on sale (750 or less). Also, only buy uniforms of characters you will use as primary attack uniforms.

There are many other great uniforms that help considerably by adding damage immunity, iframes, crowd control (stuns/webs/snares), etc. There is always a benefit from buying a uniform for a character that you use, however, these are uniforms that are far more game changing in their impact:

Iron Fist (“Hobo”/Netflix): Likely THE biggest “game-changer” uniform granting a heal/invincibility proc when below 30% health plus an iframe on skill 5 and a damage immunity on skill2

Red Hulk: Significantly increases heal and adds a damage immunity on skill3

Elsa (Monsters): is the equivalent of a T2 in terms of upgrade. Elsa still needs to be T2 to be truly viable as a character, but she needs her uniform to be a damage beast.

Loki (Lady Loki): Just that Loki is so amazing at T1 and able to help new players so much that the uniform makes sense. It lets you enter 1 additional day of alliance battle and likely get one additional clear as well. Early on, that’s a lot of extra resources.

Dr. Strange: adds a heal to his two star skill which is also a high dps skill which you can spam to death to always stay at full health if you get hit.

Black Bolt (tux): adds a significant damage boost which can stack with damage procs of obelisks.

And other highly recommended uni:
2.Captain America (Marvel Now)
3.Venom (Anti-Venom)
4.Spider man( Home coming)

The Daily Grind:

They Daily grind- Marvel Future fight 3.4.0

Story Missions:

Complete story mode chapters up to 10 as soon as you can.
Your main mission as a beginner. Keep in mind Chapters 11 and 12 are end game content.
You can level characters more quickly using higher levels. After you have done such, here’s a list of story mode characters that you might want to get:

Black Panther: He now is strong even at T1 once he is 6*and is one of the best farmable combat characters.

Black Widow: Very strong speed char for non spenders and ignore dodge striker for Corvus.

Blackbolt: only 10 bios a day, so slow to farm, but one of the elite T2s now.

Captain America: Easily farmable plus damage immunity on skill 1.

Daisy: Support char as mentioned above. Really lackluster otherwise.

Deathlok: +30% physical attack Leadership and is an Ignore dodge striker (for Corvus Glaive in World Boss). Really lackluster otherwise.

Elektra: recently rebalanced with i-frames and a stun.

Ghost Rider: With uni can gain invulnerability to be a face tank like character, T2 allows him to beat all the WBs with some practice

Iron Fist: Needs his “Hobo” (Netflix) uni but can then kill WBs pretty easy. T2 boosts survivability further.

Lincoln: decent survivability and “hit-lock” attacks.

Thor: Very powerful with Unworthy thor uni.

Special Missions:

future fight beginner guide

Remember, daily you can collects 20+ bio, you can collect those with clear ticket (After get 3* in mission)
there’s Three category :

Sinister Six Inhumans New Avengers
Sand man (Highly recommended) Gorgon White Tiger
Lizard Karnak Wiccan
Kraven the Hunter Crystal Hulkling
Rhino Moon Girl Song Bird
Mysterio Maximus Squirrel Girl


marvel future fight guide

Marvel Future Fight Cheats, Tricks & Quick Hacks [ Updated ]

Rifts are good to collect comic cards and to get bios for rift characters. If you can coordinate running rifts in hot time with your alliance then you can also get big gold/energy/Debris bonuses.

Farm out a good Loki card. It’s probably the single best card (F2P) in the game.

Rifts have tons of good chars: Loki, Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Ronan, Groot, etc… Of these, I’d say Loki/Ronan are most important followed by Groot.
Note: Latest update you can Complete this with Clear Ticket.( But Fast to get 3* in mission )

Alliance Battle:

Gives great gold, bios, and clear tickets. Also offers some friendly competition amongst your alliance members. I would also consider this a priority for beginners.

Daily Missions:

Gives gold and the option for Iso-8/nornstones, more gold/experience chips, or M’kraan Shards (X-men material).

Villain Siege:

Gives a variety of awards, good money, clear tickets, bios. Get Elsa T2 first then consider using the chaos tokens for others Bio. Both Ant-Man and Lash are a shittyass.

World Boss:

Gives black anti-matter, chaos norns, and bios for the black order (BO) characters. One of your primary goals of the game should be to beat world bosses as soon as possible.

World Boss Beginner:

Now latest update NM add new content for Beginner. But you can only get Anti-matter,chaos norns, and other but can’t get bios for the black order.

World Boss Ultimate:

End game content with even harder bosses. Each “phase” adds wrinkles to the battle. (NOT FOR BEGINNER)

Co-Op Battle:

Can also give gold, gears, debris, norn stones, iso growths.


Rewards and challenges vary by stage, you should get as far as you can,


A “one vs. one” match up that gives honor tokens for each battle (win or lose) and crystals at the end of the week for how high you scored in comparison to others.

Battle-world: Rewards vary per week, starts on Thursday and usually ends Sunday with a couple rounds. Rewards are cards, obelisks, or isos.

Alliance Conquest:
An incredible, interactive battle game between 3 alliances. It is reminiscent of the world domination game Risk. It has two phases: the obvious Attack phase (3 times a day) and the slightly more confusing “prep” phase. During prep phase all you can do is revive defeated character with alliance tokens from the store or switch defending characters with crystals. It will be difficult to contribute much until you get a few 6* characters.


1.Ant Man
4.Drax The Destroyer
12.Black cat

Link: Forum Discussion | Download Future Fight 3.4.0

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