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How to Purchase UC in PUBG India


Many of you are wondering how to purchase UC in PUBG India, well here is the process. As we all know PUBG is banned in INDIA but there is a different way to download the new version of PUBG and play even though it is banned. But what if you want buy UC for Royal pass… you cant by direct process, cause its not on play store.
I’ve personally tried many different process such and changing the country/region in iPhone(That’s how i downloaded PUBG 1.0)
it didn’t help. I tried VPN, it didn’t help.

so how can you do it, how can you pruchase UC in India.
you can just ask a friend living abroad to downlaod the game and purchase you the UC or follow this process.


1. Go to razer https://gold.razer.com/gold and sign up, and complete your profile.
2. Buy razer gold using different kinds of payment options.(1 rupee = 1 gold coin and 60 UCs cost nearly 72 rupees/golds).
3. Buy as much gold coins you require for royal pass. Here is the list of payment options you can choose to buy with.

4. Once you purchased it, you’ll be send a conformation mail for your purchase.


1. Go to https://www.midasbuy.com/midasbuy/ot/shop/pubgmhttps://www.midasbuy.com/. you will be provided with three options, to buy UC, to purchase royal pass card and elite royal pass cards.

2. select the option you want, input your game ID, then select razor gold as payment method and click pay.

3. You will be redirected to razor website, and there click the pay button.

4. Open pubg and you’ll find the UC or RP card.

And that’s it!! Now you can enjoy royal pass season 15.


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