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How to get HTTPS Certificate for Free on Any Website

How to get HTTPS Certificate for Free

How to get HTTPS Certificate for Free?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is security protocol, a medium that establishes a secured & encrypted connection between a web server & a web browser.

Why Should you Install SSL Certificate?

Without SSL connection any third party user or hacker can get access to all the data you’re receiving from the website & all the inputs that the user gives including login user-name & passwords. This becomes real critical when you are dealing with sensitive data, user’s privacy is very insecure here.

And people who are running E-Commerce website or any Official catalog website, it becomes mandatory to have this SSL Certificate installed as they will be selling their products & services online, dealing with customer reputation management, brand awareness  & stuff.

SSL a Ranking Factor – Google

Yes, Google had declared this SSL Certificate as a ranking factor back in 2014. So, this feature even pushes the ranking of your website on Google Search Engine Result Page which means SSL certificate helps in ranking your website in a better/improved position. So while you’re installing this SSL Cert, you are ensuring secured connection as well as doing SEO to improve your visibility on Google.

You can get this SSL certificate either for free or paid one. There are people who don’t know How to install SSL for free, only if they knew how easy it is. Now there are multiple ways of installing SSL cert on any website, be it WordPress, Joomla, Magento, HTML, Shopify or any other without paying a single $.

Easiest way of How you can install SSL Certificate on any Website


1. Validate the Website

2. Download the SSL Cert

3. Install the Cert

Requirements to install Free SSL Certificate:

  1. cPanel / Third Party Hosting Control Panel access to your website
  2. CMS Access (Only if you have once)

Step by Step Process:

1. Visit this site

2. Sign up [so that you get a notification mail before the current certificate gets expired]

3. Put your website address on the blank field & hit on “Create Free SSL Certificate”

4. Now, you will have to valided the domain you just created SSL Cert for. To do that

5. Click on Manual verification

6. Download those two files

7. Login to your cPanel / FTP

8. Go to Public_html

9. Create a folder named “.well-known” & inside this folder create an another one named “acme-challenge”.

10. Upload those two downloaded files into this “acme-challenge” folder.

11. You can verify if you have uploaded the right files in the right directory by clicking on those 5.1 & 5.2 given links

12. If everything is going right way then lets go finally install it.

13. Finally, click on the bottom option Download SSL Certificate

You have successfully generated your free SSL Certificate & downloaded. Now, you just have to install the cert. & you’ll be good to go.

Installing Free SSL Certificate via cPanel

1. Log in to your Web Hosting account, at the Dashboard there will be an option called SSL, below are examples of cPanel & VestaCP

Install SSL on cPanel

No Select your particular domain & fill the blank fields with the specific cert & keys that you had downloaded.

And Finally Install the Certificate by clicking on the button.

Installing Free SSL Certificate via VestaCP

1. Log in to your VestaCP

2. Click on Web

3. Click edit on whichever site you want to install the SSL for

4. Scroll down to find the option SSL Support > click on it to turn this feature on

5. Below you will get three blank field, fill each field with the specific keys that you had downloaded and Finally click on SAVE to install the certificate.

What to do after installing SSL Certificate?

1. Redirect all http to https with .htaccess. Copy & paste the code on to your .htaccess file 

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}

3.Change your site URL in your CMS from http to https, example shown below for WordPress websites

How to get HTTPS Certificate for Free

Note: This free SSL Certificate will expire after 90 days so you must update the certificate every three months to keep enjoying the SSL for a lifetime. Just repeat the way you installed it to update.

Do let us know in the comment section if you have got something to say or ask. 

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