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GTA Evolution: From PS1 to PC to the Stunningly GTA V [1997 – 2018]


Grand Theft Auto, more usually known as GTA is one of the best franchises of the gaming universe. The Grand Theft Auto series has been distinguished by video game fans, demonized by politicians, and even studied by academia. More so than any other game franchise, the grant brings out strong emotions from a wide array of people, even those not tied into the game trade in some way. The mixture of fame and edgy content made Grand Theft Auto a lightning rod for the debate on hostility in video games.

GTA has developed into one of gaming’s most powerful franchises ever over its 20-year history, serving to redefine open-world design and gameplay.

Thanks in part to advertising generated by the argument over the content of the games, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most documented video game brands on the market. All this interest isn’t without merit, though. The newer iterations in the series are broadly renowned as excellent games, acquiring widespread significant acclaim and generating incredible sales.

From the day when it started with PS1 and PC to the stunningly persistent retailing of Grand Theft Auto V, here’s a look at the evolution of GTA and how it altered into the household name it is in the present day.

Humble Beginnings
Grand Theft Auto (PC, PS) | Released: 1998

gta evolution

Grand Theft Auto was out for the first time on the PC in early 1998. On those days, the game’s top-down, 2D graphics were comparatively primitive.

You played an irrelevant thug making a grab for the big time in the illicit underworld. Nearly any car can be stolen.

More importantly, the world reacted to your choices, particularly the bad ones. Creating operational chaos in the streets led to bigger police comeback as your Wanted level rose until you were executed or busted…unless you gave them the greasy slip.

Doomed to Stagnation?
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PC, PS) | Released: 1999

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Grand Theft Auto ultimately found its approach onto the inventive Sony PlayStation, and a development pack called London 1969 was released. As the title advocates, Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 took the series into a diverse time period and scenery. But as far as the gameplay went, not a lot distorted, aside from driving on the left side of the road. Few were identical, you still ran errands for big crime chiefs in order to ascend up the proverbial hierarchy, and you still couldn’t save your game in the middle of a level.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (PC, PS, DC) | Released: 1999

gta evolution

The development, Grand Theft Auto 2, made a shot at advancing the sequence. That game incorporated a near-future setting with the addition of quite a few rival gangs thrown into the mix. Afterward, in the game, you were able to pay for weapon advancement and other tweaks for your cars, together with machine guns and oil slicks, respectively.

The effect was not like playing Spy Hunter, but the weakness of the cars made weapon upgrades an uncertain value in the game. Players would have to wait until Grand Theft Auto III for modifies that transformed the franchise, and many would argue they were changes that revolutionized gaming in common.

A Vision Realized | Grand Theft Auto III (PC, PS2, XB) | Released: 2001

gta evolution

GTA III was a boon for the franchise and in 2001’s top-selling game, with only two months on the shelves.

The game is played from a third-person viewpoint and its world is steered on foot or by vehicle. The open world design lets players liberally wander Liberty City, consisting of three main islands. An industrial section on behalf of Brooklyn and Queens, a commercial center like Manhattan, and suburbs alike to New Jersey. The islands unbolt as the story steps forwards. It shared between DMA Design in Edinburgh and Rockstar in New York. Much of the development work comprised transforming trendy series elements into a 3D world. Grand Theft Auto III is the first 3D game in the series, using principle Games Render Ware game engine.

One year after PS 2 came out, Grand Theft Auto III became the killer app, the must-play crime simulator for anyone adult enough to recognize despicable fantasy when they played it. Over ten years later, it remains one of the best-selling, best-reviewed, most reviled games of all time. Grand Theft Auto III completely translated the chaos from 2D to 3D and put it in a living, breathing city like nobody had ever seen. The scale and variety alone sold it.

“I Ran So Far Away…”
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC, PS2, XB) | Released: 2002

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City didn’t essentially change the franchise the way its forerunner did. as a substitute, the game piled on even more style and flair to a series that by now reeked of both. Set in the 1980s, Vice City’s signature characteristic is debatably it’s remarkable soundtrack. Tracks from 80s musicians are incorporated in the game, such as Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The game wasn’t just concerning the music, of course. You still played the role of an up-and-comer in the criminal gangland.

There were tons of little extras crammed into the game, like dozens of concealed packages to find, cunningly placed ramps to test your motorcycle- and car-jumping skills, and more.

Vice City also permitted you to discover the interiors of certain buildings, such as shopping malls, where you possibly can rob the various stores. The Miami-like setting allowed you to drive and filch not just cars, but also motorcycles, boats, and helicopters as well. The city was enormous and included various venues, counting a racetrack, a golf course, an airport, and even a large military base where the prize vehicle of the game, an attack helicopter, was hoarded.

The game finally was released for the Microsoft Xbox console, along with Grand Theft Auto III in a retail package dubbed the Double Pack, which brought the grant to an even wider viewer than the PlayStation 2 and PC holders who had been taking pleasure in the series for years.

Dee Oh Double Gee!
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) | Released: 2004

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Unlike Liberty City and Vice City, which were believed to be singular municipalities, the location of the Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas, is measured an entire state, based just about on California. The game, in fact, includes three different cities. Players begin the game off in the ghetto of Los Santos (Los Angeles) and ultimately make their way into San Fiero (San Francisco), and Las Venturas ( Las Vegas).

Each city in San Andreas comprises simply familiar landmarks inspired by the real-life cities on which they’re based. You’ll see monuments like the Watts Towers in Los Santos, major bridges in San Fiero, and prolific casinos coating the strip in Las Venturas. If you wanted to rush throughout the story, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was not your game. Occasionally the game seemed too big; getting from Point A to Point B could be a long, windy, boring road. You have got your gang – Grove Street Gang and you have got help Ryder and sweet protected territories, take over for territories. So much of RPG elements were added into the game.

Grand Theft Auto – Liberty city stories & Vice city stories | Released: 2005 and 2006

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These two parts of the series were solely PlayStation exclusive. Rockstar Leeds built a new game engine in-house and then rebuilt Liberty City from the ground up, roughly as it appeared in GTA III. The purpose was to put a soothe GTA on a handheld, with all the cars, bikes, chatty pedestrians, dark twists, hot music, strange DJs, twisted cut scenes.

Grand Theft Auto – IV
Rockstar promoted their series to the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE). Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in a diverse storyline and timeline from the earlier games in the series.
GTA IV’s graphics completely impressed. It didn’t match San Andreas’ absolute square footage, but the scale was still enormous. Details big and small popped all through the four regions of Liberty City and neo-Jersey Aldernay across the water. Rockstar promised and circulated no load screens from start to stop, outdoor to indoor, rooftops to potholes, and none of San Andreas’ dead zones. You were in the city at all times and it was alive all around you, stunning and vile and erratic, just like it should be.

Grand Theft Auto – V

gta evolution
Here comes GTA 5, well there is nil to talk about it since the whole thing, literally everything in it looks perfect. Looks as pragmatic as it can. It could kill you with its looks.

It is one hell of a game that you end searching for mistakes or bugs and factually get involved in it. Unlike GTA IV, you are permissible to play with 3 characters – Michael, Trevor, Franklin. It has got an awesome storyline and very pragmatic gameplay physics.

Today, GTA remains the winner of the M-rating, ready and willing to mock supporters and detractors in equally extreme measure. Dozens followed its lead and built franchises of their own – some punked in-game by the master – but none brought the same raw, visceral familiarity. The game’s not about what’s right or real, who you kill, what you steal, or saving the day. You’re in the world, making preferences.

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