Indigo Rent A Car, a premier car rental service provider in Dubai, recognized the need to enhance its customer experience through digital transformation. To achieve this, they partnered with Indigo Icon, a reputed app development company, to create a seamless and user-friendly mobile application. This case study explores the development process, challenges faced, and the overall impact of the app on Indigo Rent A Car’s business.

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The challenge.

The ever-changing world has become unconventional and innovative. It has made our lives easy by getting what we want at our fingertips. Our client needed help with their manual car rental system. Managing countless customer information for 3-4 of their branches was chaotic. Every time a customer walked in to make a reservation, the employees had to refer to registers in order to see the availability of their preferred car. On top of this maintaining and organizing a copious amount of financial paperwork was a tedious task for them.

The solution.

Keeping in mind their challenges we suggested their whole system be digitized. We developed different platforms for them: a website, an android application, and an iPhone application. All of the information got sorted and was easy to use. Time is reduced in booking a car because the software runs 24/7 and there is now an online interface instead of a physical one. All of the information on customers, vehicles, sales, and finances are encrypted to protect the privacy of the company. We also provided them with an online rating system, so the customers immediately can rate their service.

The outcome.

Our solution provides them with a smooth running of their business. All of their branches are now coordinated with each other. An efficient and customizable booking system allows a customer to come back again to use the same service. They now have an edge over the other businesses.