App Development Questions & Answers

Find answers to all of the most frequently asked app development, design and startup questions.

What is the price of app development?

Typically, the majority of the apps we create fall within the price range of AUD$5,000 to AUD$200,000. However, the exact cost varies depending on the specific app. Various factors come into play when determining the development duration and consequently the cost of an app. Aspects like intricacy, supported platforms, and the degree of refinement all contribute to the overall expense of app development. For a more detailed analysis of the associated costs, you can refer to this link.

How can I get a quote from Teknoverse?

Initiating the process involves an initial conversation or discovery call with a member of our strategy team. This no-obligation discussion serves to assess whether your project can be feasibly executed within your budget and whether it aligns well with Teknoverse’s expertise.

If the initial assessment is positive, the subsequent steps involve delving into app strategy and prototyping. This phase commences with an App Strategy Workshop, during which we collaborate to refine your concept and outline the project’s roadmap. It is through this comprehensive exploration of the app’s specifics that we can provide an estimation of the app development cost.

What are the charges for workshops at Teknoverse?

Our workshop offerings are customized to cater to your specific requirements. Typically, our App Strategy Workshops are priced at a level that falls within the mid-range compared to other options available in the market. While they are not the priciest, nor the most budget-friendly, they strike a balance between cost and value.

It’s worth noting that the value you derive from our workshops often surpasses what you might receive from competitors, regardless of their pricing.

To receive personalized pricing information for your project, we invite you to reach out to us directly. Feel free to contact us for a tailored quote.

What is the typical development duration for an app?

The timeframe varies according to the nature of the app. For a basic app, the development could be completed within 4-6 weeks, whereas an intricate game might necessitate years of work. On average, the majority of the apps we engage with require a development period ranging from 8 to 20 weeks.

What is the significance of opting for an “ethical” app developer?

A client once described the mobile app development industry as an arena filled with “cowboys and questionable practices.” In our decade-long presence in this industry, we find merit in this somewhat generalized statement.

Having only existed for around 10 years, the mobile app development field is relatively young, having experienced rapid growth in recent times. The surge in demand for app development services has attracted a multitude of inexperienced opportunists who prioritize quick profits over crafting outstanding products for their clients.

Interestingly, several Australian app development firms, including some prominent ones, actually engage minimally in app development themselves, outsourcing the work to third-party entities.

At Teknoverse, we receive daily calls from individuals who have invested significant sums with these firms and emerged with deeply unsatisfactory experiences. Their grievances encompass a spectrum of issues, from developers going silent after receiving a deposit, to receiving poorly written code or non-functional apps.

Numerous individuals have faced project delays spanning months or even years. In many cases, they have encountered pushy sales personnel more interested in generating invoices than in delivering a tangible product.

At Teknoverse, our objective stands in stark contrast to the conventions of the typical app development company. We take pride in our ethical and transparent approach to app development, and our operations are guided by our distinctive Ethical App Development Charter.

Is there an additional expense for developing an app that functions on both iPhone and Android devices?

In the past, this was indeed the case; however, the situation has evolved. iPhones and Android devices operate on distinct systems, with apps coded in distinct languages (Objective C and Java respectively).

An app intended to operate on both platforms previously required development in both languages, effectively leading to double the expenditure and time. However, the emergence of React Native has altered this scenario.

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, React Native generates entirely native code for both iOS and Android. Consequently, apps developed with React Native perform identically to native apps but draw from a single source code.

This characteristic has prompted major tech giants such as Facebook and Airbnb to adopt React Native for their mobile platforms.

Teknoverse highly recommends the utilization of React Native for nearly all the apps we undertake.

Can my iPhone app also be used on an iPad?

Indeed, an iPhone app is compatible with and operational on an iPad. The app will either be magnified to fit the larger display or positioned at the center of the screen with black borders around it, based on the user’s preference.

Should you desire your app to leverage the additional screen space offered by an iPad, we may undertake supplementary iPad app development. This might involve integrating supplementary elements or functionalities to capitalize on the expanded screen dimensions.

Typically, optimizing an app for iPad involves an additional cost of around 50% of the initial iPhone development expenses. The same principle applies to Android apps and their compatibility with Android tablets.

What contributes to the high cost of app development?

App development constitutes a complex software creation endeavor, typically undertaken by a team of skilled developers over a considerable period. This process encompasses meticulous planning, app design, intricate coding, rigorous testing, and eventual deployment, all executed by specialists in their respective domains. Similar to any software creation, the journey involves time for planning, design, construction, and testing. Naturally, an extended development timeline corresponds to escalated development expenses.

Given the substantial investment associated with app development, it becomes imperative to ensure judicious expenditure of funds. It is crucial to ascertain that the monetary input results in a high-quality product, justifying the investment made.

Does Teknoverse function as a mobile agency?

Indeed, we are an agency specializing in mobile app development. However, it’s important to note that we are distinct from mobile or digital marketing agencies. While our core focus is on mobile app development, we also extend our support to marketing agencies by assisting in the conceptualization and prototyping of inventive mobile marketing concepts for their clientele. Additionally, we bring our expertise in captivating mobile app design to the table.

What’s the deal with online app builders?

Numerous online app creation tools exist, but they all come with significant limitations. While they might be suitable for exceptionally minimalistic needs, we have never encountered an app project that could be effectively realized using an online app builder.